We know that you have come here in search of The Paragon.

Sadly, it’s not the time for that yet. I know that’s really disappointing. There are a lot of things involved with the manufacturing of a paintball marker. We would rather wait and get it done correctly instead of shipping an inferior product. We are sure there are some of you who can very much understand that. (Ryan posted a quick note about The Paragon here)

We’ve been away for a while.

There have been plenty of you who have been keeping in contact with us and ordering from us through direct e-mail and messages. We appreciate your continued support.

If you have been watching our social media over the last week or so, you’ve probably seen the hype video. We don’t have any new products at this time during our re-launch but we have some new products in the fire.

Where we are now.

We are bringing our store back online, after moving to a new e-commerce provider and streamlining our support and shipping processes. If you encounter some errors or erroneous pricing, please bear with us while we work through these bugs.

We previously grew to an operating size where we lost track of messages and would simply be drowned in e-mail. We are condensing our communication channels regarding orders and order related inquiries to our support ticket system with FreshDesk.

How to get support.

You can simply visit http://lurkerpaintball.freshdesk.com and submit a ticket.