Lurker EigenBarrel V4

Lurker Paintball re-opens its doors in the summer of 2019 with the return of the Eigenbarrel. Our newest iteration originally planned to be released only with the Paragon marker – the Eigenbarrel V4, available for order now.

“The proof is in the porting.”

Rocking the Eigenbarrel on the g6r ❤️ Best setup I’ve ever had!

Dan B.

The Eigenbarrel has been my go-to. Nothing else comes close.

Jacob F.

Best kept secret.
Awesome sound signature.

Robert M.

Worked great.
Would enjoy grabbing another here soon.

Nicholas B.

Lurker Blog

Dye DLS in stock and Shipping!

I have solid color Dye DLS markers in stock and ready to ship. Please verify availability with me before ordering. Ryan


It's finally happening - nearly all of my inventory has been sold through. It's been quite a ride, and there are still a few things left, but we're winding down this phase. Expect a few more sales, and a major announcement of interest to our longtime fans later this...

Relaunching the Store

We know that you have come here in search of The Paragon. Sadly, it's not the time for that yet. I know that's really disappointing. There are a lot of things involved with the manufacturing of a paintball marker. We would rather wait and get it done correctly instead...

Status of The Paragon

Work on the Paragon has continued since the product announcement. Major accomplishments include a fully operational proof of concept prototype and granted utility patent US9752846B1. We are evaluating options to best bring this marker platform to market. Interested...